Awesome news released today by Western Suburbs & Wests Tigers

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On the road to bringing back the Western Suburbs Magpies to the NRL we have to take small steps. In ensuring that we have a productive team for the future it all starts with the juniors. Wests Tigers handing over all junior rep sides to Western Suburbs is the first step in recognition of our club in this farce of a JV. Sydney’s South Western region has sparked quite a few NRL stars and continue to produce quality players for various clubs in the NRL. The region needs a team to be based out here with head offices in the region and not in Sydney’s Inner West. With the failure of the JV and poor management on Balmain’s end, now is the time for us all to be supportive of Western Suburbs. In 2015 we will have 7 grades all the way through the juniors from under 13’s to Ron Massey Cup, a small step in the right direction inching our way to NSW Cup and eventually 1st grade. It’s time to bring back the Magpies but this will be a slow process to undo the horrible Joint Venture and to rid Wests of Balmain as most of their supporters are a bit delusional in thinking Wests Tigers are Balmain Tigers. It would give me great pleasure to be a fly on the wall of each of their houses when the day comes and the mighty Western Suburbs are named back in the NRL.

For the press release please visit here

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