Semi Final Western Suburbs Magpies Vs Guildford Owls


What a season we have had this year finishing 7th over all. With some referee calls that were shall I say made the NRL refs look perfect and mistake free. A wrong call from the ref cost Western Suburbs the game loosing out to Guildford 24 – 20. Even with that loss, I can not fault the boys. We were missing a few boys as well and didn’t have much on the reserves, they were tired some may have been injured but they gave it their all only to be robbed in the final minute when a Try was disallowed ruling it as a double movement in the final minute of the game to tie it up and kick for conversion that would have won us the game. Win Lose or Draw we are there to support our boys from the Western Suburbs. For RMC level these boys played with Heart, Pride, Integrity, Strength and Loyalty something you don’t see at NRL level anymore.

After the game we do our traditional photo with all the Fanatics who came to the game for our photo collection, but this photo had a truly remarkable essence added to it. The team who just got knocked out of the finals ran back to get into the photo with all the fanatics. Many thanks were given by both players and fanatics but it was the sudden outbreak of “We Are The Boys From Western Suburbs” sang by players and fanatics together was a magic moment for all. A true feeling of Family, we are more than just a club.

Thank you to the boys for a great and a very entertaining season, 2015 will be our year to SWOOP..

1 Sam Aiga 2 Tala Mapasone 3 Rusty Bristow 4 Nu Akeripa 5 Jerome Mose 6 Trent Jennings 7 Vieru Mapasone 8 Fred Tevago 9 Dayne Craig 10 Tunui Maurangi 11 Tom Morrison 12 Mason Talolua 13 Luke Williams 16 Ronnie Palumbo 18 Soni Paasi 21 Shawn Craig 22 Cruise Iosefa and can’t forget the coach Leo Epifania

For the full match report please click HERE


All photos taken by Fanatics click to enlarge

semifinals2014img003  semifinals2014img004  semifinals2014img005  semifinals2014img008

semifinals2014img018  semifinals2014img019  semifinals2014img020  semifinals2014img021

semifinals2014img023  semifinals2014img024  semifinals2014img025  semifinals2014img026

semifinals2014img027  semifinals2014img028  semifinals2014img029

semifinals2014img009  semifinals2014img010  semifinals2014img011  semifinals2014img012

semifinals2014img013  semifinals2014img014  semifinals2014img015  semifinals2014img016

semifinals2014img017  semifinals2014img007  semifinals2014img002  semifinals2014img006



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