Round 20 Western Suburbs Magpies Vs The Entrance Tigers Match Report


The Fanatics were out in numbers today thanks to all who came up to cheer the boys on and for the central coast chapter of the Fanatics being there too. Another nail biting exciting game right down to the final minute. For full breakdown of the game please click on the link Round 20 Match Report

Round 20After a hard hitting game, the boys from Western Suburbs came to see the fanatics. Thanking us all for our support and apologizing for the loss. These boys have more heart than any player in the NRL. There was no need for apologizing, They played very well in wet conditions on a field of basically mud and a few patches of grass. We are proud of our boys win or loss. They are the boys from the Western Suburbs, We came to give you a cheer.

Hope to see more Fanatics out at Cabramatta for Round 21. Please check on Western Suburbs Magpies Official site or NSWRL  for further details on next weeks game and all of this weeks action.

Wests Magpies RMC

Coming to life

Just a short note on progress. The Fanatics shop is only set up to test the eCommerce site no merchandise yet but will be fitted with PayPal, The Western Suburbs Magpies store is a proposal in the works nothing there yet. This is just a sample site for us to work on to make it into what we have a vision for in our heads come alive on the screen in real time. If you wish to Contribute in any shape or form being it supplying photos, writing articles on anything that pertain to rugby league and Western Suburbs or even giving detailed accounts of the RMC matches. Player bios from past and present, future events everything will be here. If  you wish to help out or contribute please sign up for a free account on and send me a message on Facebook with the email you registered with and what you would like to help out with.

Cheers and Up The Maggies!!!

Corey Sioui Fanatic #207